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GoGuardian helps thousands of K-12 schools maximize the learning potential of every student by creating safe and effective digital learning environments. Our technology products help educators inspire curiosity in the classroom, protect students from harmful or distracting content, and support student mental health.

GoGuardian Teacher

GoGuardian helps you create smart and effective digital learning environments that work any way you want them to, without surprises. We’re as passionate about keeping kids safe, on-task, and engaged as you are.

GoGuardian Admin

GoGuardian Admin is a multi-layered content filtering solution that works on any device, browser, or operating system. It will transform the way you manage your district’s filters by providing a single, unified interface for guest, BYOD, and school-issued devices.

Other GoGuardian products

GoGuardian Beacon
GoGuardian Beacon is designed to help identify students who are at risk of suicide, self-harm, or possible harm to others.
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