MyVision basic

Essential Tools for Macs and PCs

MyVision Basic puts classroom management software within reach, even for teachers who have never been able to afford it before.Easy to learn, intuitive to use; a low-cost subscription will transform your teaching experience (and student outcomes) for the better.

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Netop TeachPad

Classroom Management Assistant

The Netop TeachPad is the only teacher tool available to schools that offers one-touch management of classroom machines. The five-button, USB keypad is the easiest way for any teacher to manage student computers. Lock student keyboards and mice, blank screens, or show with the touch of a button. (works with MyVision, Vision, & Vision Pro)


There’s a Reason it’s the World’s Most Popular

The easiest and most effective way to teach with technology, Vision is the popular classroom management software proven to improve student performance. Whether your students use iPads or PCs, Vision provides on-screen demonstrations and teaching tools that ignite interest, focus attention and improve learning outcomes.

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NEW Classroom Management for iPad

Netop Vision Me

Vision ME is the new iPad classroom workflow app that makes teaching with the iPad easier and more effective. With Vision ME, teachers can present lessons directly on classroom iPads, showcase student work, focus attention with the click of a button, share files and message students.  And Vision ME comes with a complete web‐based online learning and assessment system that’s ideal for blended learning and flipped classrooms. By combining teaching tools with mobile device management (MDM) capabilities, Vision ME provides a unique solution to the challenges teachers face when integrating iPads into daily instruction. This all‐in‐one classroom management app engages students and improves learning outcomes in the iPad classroom.  

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vision mobile     

Now included with Vision Pro

Classroom Management for your iPad

Vision Mobile puts the full power of the teacher’s desktop computer onto their iPad or iPhone, freeing teachers to use any resource from their computer anywhere in the classroom. When used with Vision classroom management software, Vision Mobile extends the full functionality to the teacher’s iPad, enabling teachers to guide student learning remotely.

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  • The world’s most  popular classroom management software
  • ​Proven to improve student achievement
  • Essential teaching tools for PCs, iPads, and smart devices
Teachers across the globe rely on it, and why? Because Vision offers tools for teaching that are easy to use, even for a first-time user. Classroom management has been proven to improve student achievement and it makes integrating technology in the classroom more intuitive - with a clean, simple toolbar that puts a rich variety of powerful tools in your hands.


vision pro

Classroom Management Just Got Better

Want the best?  Vision Pro combines a powerful classroom management feature set with tools for blended learning and flipped classrooms.  Whether your students use the iPad, PCs or other smart devices, Vision Pro provides unsurpassed demonstration, teaching and assessment tools that improve learning outcomes. (includes Vision Mobile)

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NEW for Vision and Vision pro

Netop Vision Campus License

Support every user with one license

The Netop Vision Campus License allows an unlimited number of Netop Vision installations on all devices within the educational institution, based on the number of students. A simple licensing solution for schools that struggle with complex technology environments (BYOD environments, 1:1 classrooms, etc).

Pricing options:

Perpetual Open License |1 & 3 yr. Subscriptions

Pricing per Computer (minimum 10)

what vision solution is perfect for you?

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